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After returning from an incredible 18month road trip around Australia with their 3 young boys in 2019, Ryan and Amy decided there was more to life than just the daily grind. Whilst trying to discover the next new adventure for the family, they relocated back to the Coast after 25years in the Blue Mountains. The inspiration to create Twisted Vine Unique Tours came after a trip to the Hunter Valley for their 15year wedding anniversary in 2022, they felt they needed to give this incredible experience to others who share their love for local beauty, elegance, fun and wine.

They have always had a love for the Hunter Valley, spending many big milestones over the years here. Combine this with Ryan’s childhood memories of trailing around after his father, a passionate classic car enthusiast, and developing his own deep love with them too. But it was after his dad acquired his lifelong dream car, a 1965 cherry red Ford Mustang, that Ryan was inspired to follow in his footsteps and have a classic car of his own.

They decided their travel adventure was complete after the pandemic had settled, sold their pride and joy ‘Frankie’ an FTS750 Expedition truck, and levelled up to their 2 beautifully restored Volkswagens. ‘Joycie’ a 1967 Beetle Karmann Cabriolet and ‘Valerie’ a 1970 Low Light Kombi are now members of the family and Ryan and Amy have never looked back.

After launching Twisted Vine Unique Tours, Ryan and Amy have noticed a big difference, not just in their own happiness but also in their 3 sons, who are now just as passionate as Ryan was as a child when it comes to the classic old girls.

Because their children are such a big part of who they are, they not only offer private wine tours but also cater for families with family tours, formals, weddings and more.